March 26 marked the end of school year 2014 – 2015; thus, students have finished yet another chapter in their school life. Amidst the excitement of the year-end activities is also a time of reflection and evaluation – a time to look back at more than 9 months worth of lessons, learnings,challenges, and victories.
The Grade School and High School Year-End Program, “Built for Flight,” is a celebration, not just of triumphant moments, but of significant events that helped propel and push us towards the goals and aspirations we have strived and prayed for.  This year, we recognized the achievements of students who had exerted great effort to use and test their talents and skills inside Meridian and in the national and international stage. In acknowledging their efforts, we hope that they will continue to be encouraged to develop their God-given gifts for the benefit of their community and to inspire others to strive for excellence in their own lives.
In the end, the achievements and accolades garnered by one should and must be shared by all, for these victories are a product of the collective effort of one’s community – the support, guidance, and prayers of peers, teachers, and family.  So, as we close another chapter in our students’ academic life, we thank the parents, families, teachers, and staff of Meridian for instilling and nurturing the noble aspirations of our students.  Indeed, you continue to be instrumental in building up students’ lives so they can reach great heights.