1. Dual Citizenship

    • Clear Photocopy of Philippine passport (bring original)
    • Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino Citizen
  2. With Temporary Residence

    • Parents and student applicant – Clear Photocopy of passport (bring original)
    • Student applicant – Student Visa Authenticated by Embassy Officials or Bureau of Immigration
    • Student applicant – Special Study Permit
  3. With Permanent Residence

    • Parents and student applicant – Clear Photocopy of passport (bring original)
    • Parents and student applicant – Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)


  1. Registrar’s Office

    • Submit complete requirements
      • NOTE: Processing of application will only start upon submission of complete requirements
      • NOTE: Do inform the Admissions Office if the student applicant has been diagnosed by a SPED Specialist or Development Pediatrician. Clinical diagnostic report and recommendation are also required
    • Schedule of assessment / admission test will be sent thru SMS or call after screening of requirements.
  2. Cashier’s Office

    • Pay the non-refundable Php 1,000 assessment / admission test fee
  3. Guidance Office

    • Take the assessment / admission test
    • Result will be sent thru SMS or call within 5-7 days.
  4. Academic Department

    • Interview by the School Assistant Principal and/or Principal will follow upon passing the asessment / admission test
      A. Preschool – Interview of parents
      B. Grades 1 to 12 – Interview of parents and students
  5. Cashier’s Office

    • Submit Notice of Acceptance received thru email with details of summer’s recommendation and reservation of slot procedure.
    • Payment of Non-transferable and non-refundable Reservation fee of Php 30,000
  6. Enrollment Area

    • Welcome to Meridian!
      • Enrollment period is in the month of June. Email will be sent to the parents
      • Fees
        1. Misc
        2. Tuition (Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly scheme) – accepts cash, card, check payments
        3. New Student Fee (one-time payment)
        4. Development Fee (yearly)
        5. Books
        6. Uniforms (Formal, Casual, PE, Intrams shirt)
        7. Summer class recommendation
        8. Fetcher’s ID (parents and other fetchers)
        9. Walkabouts
      • Forms
        1. Medical (to be used for annual check-up of the students)
        2. Fetcher
        3. Birthday (celebration is every Friday for Grades 1 to 12)
        4. Early Dismissal
        5. Gadget Waiver (for parents who want their child to bring mobile phone, to be confiscated if used during class)
        6. Student gate pass (for students allowed to go home/commute by themselves. Given to students of Grades 7 to 12)
        7. Student extended stay in school
          • For student/s who need to finish projects provided that there will be a teacher present to assist the students
          • Student/s are allowed to stay until 5pm only
      • Parents orientation happening usually in the month of July
      • School calendar : August to May
      • Semestral Break : December

Request for an Application Form