Built for Flight: Student Anecdotal Quotes

Walkabout and Competition Reflections by the Students

“During the PIHABF walkabout, since there were a lot of younger kids from Grade School who are part of our group, we, the High School students were partially given responsibility to look over and take care of them. So learning responsibility is one of the the things I learned in the walkabout, to continually seek to discover my path in life is another.”

Abigail Nolasco, Grade 8

I can say that the FAI-YAC is really intense because we are up against youth participants from around the world. Imagine how many great artists we are competing with just to get the spot? But everything considered, I learned a lot from this competition since I got to express my self through my own style. I learned new art techniques that I can use in the next competitions to come.”

Andrei Tejada, Grade 9

Andrei Tejada pulls out a huge bubble to cap off the wonderful day
Andrei Tejada pulls out a huge bubble to cap off the wonderful day
“I thought it would be interesting to play sports in the air! I made my artwork playful because it was a reminder not to lose my creativity and pure child-like wonder. Throughout the entire experience, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of participating in this event. Winning, though it would be nicer and a bonus, somehow is secondary to the main reason why Meridian sent us to participate. It is about exposure, discovering, and enhancing our skills in art.”

Lorenzo Ortega, Grade 7