What is The Flipped Classroom?

It is a mix of online classes and physical engagement.
It follows a standard curriculum that covers both academic and practical content.
At home, students manipulate, read, watch, or listen to assigned learning materials.
In the online classroom facilitated by the teacher, students engage in rich discussions and activities about what they learned from the materials.

What Are the Benefits of TFC?

It transforms any space into a learning hub.
Asian girl student live learning video conference with teacher and other classmates giving presentation, showing solar model project, Homeschooling and distance learning ,online ,education and internet.
It allots time for regular student-teacher consultations and family-teacher conferences.
It is boundaryless; thus, lessons and teachers may come from any part of the world
Portrait of preschool kid using tablet for his homework, Soft focus of Child wearing head phone doing homework by using digital tablet searching information on internet, Home schooling education concept,self isolation or Social Distancing
It allows students to work closely with teachers and staff , their classmates, and parents.
It gives space for emergent learning.
Rear view of student cycling to university in the morning
It deliberately prepares students for the university and beyond.

What Are the Advantages of TFC?

Well-Designed Curriculum

It follows the Meridian Curriculum, an enhanced and enriched standardized curriculum, that aims to equip students in using knowledge and skills to think critically, solve problems, and create solutions.

Trained & Experienced Educators

The curriculum is implemented by trained and experienced educators using varied, well-designed activities and a wide-range of carefully selected resource materials that cater to individual needs and learning styles.

Strong Support System

It offers a stronger learning support system: teachers, classmates, guidance counselor, librarian, health professionals, etc., in addition to parents.

Stable & Continuous Learning Experience

It provides a stable and continuous learning experience in whatever situation – from lockdown/enhanced or general community quarantine (ECQ or GCQ) to resumption of regular campus-based education.

Platform for Social Engagements

It creates a platform for needed social engagements that enrich and empower students through local and global exchanges and exposures.

Practical & Relevant Learning Modules

It offers Financial Literacy and Media and Information Literacy classes for students from Grade School to High School.

The Flipped Classroom

The new school year will kick off with the TFC as a home-based program but may transition to a blended program (combination of home-based and campus-based learning) depending on the general guidelines set by the Department of Education and updated directives from the government.

The TFC platform will be flexible and will take into consideration different family situations.

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