TEACHER’S WALKABOUT: Spreading Business Ideas

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Negoskwela organizedĀ a seminar-workshop on peanut butter, jams and spreads last May 25, 2015 and the Smartworks teachers were able to attend. The workshop taught us the process to create peanut butter, commercial mayonnaise and pineapple jam. Aside from teaching the recipes, the facilitator also showed the equipment, ingredients, packaging sources together with their prices. We also had the opportunity to compute the costs and the recommended margin and prices for the products. The lessons, with the goal of encouraging us to create our own products, were very practical and relevant.

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The insights form the workshop can be used to encourage our students to create packaged products which they can sell in the market. Ideas to innovate the products such as Oreo Peanut Butter, kamias jam, etc. are very interesting to explore. What I appreciate most about the seminar is that it provided practical tips and lessons. An example is why the oil in peanut butter separates and what we can do to avoid it. Even the names of the stores, addresses, and contact numbers were shared for future references.


Photos and sharing by T. Rosette Magpayo