TEACHERS’ WALKABOUT: Going back to the basics- Discovering Paleo Diet

photo 1Last May 12, 2015, 25 Mushroom Kitchen organized a Paleo Diet Workshop at Valle Verde, Pasig City. It was a very interesting workshop,

I learned about the Paleo diet which encourages eating natural food. Eating processed food and ingredients such as mayonnaise, soy sauce, and even rice is discouraged.

The Paleo meals are prepared in less than 15 minutes to retain the nutrients of the ingredients. A set meal for one week which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner was presented as a guide.

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In relation to the ACTS curriculum, we are proposing to include the different types of diet such as Paleo, Cohen, and Warrior, together with their advantages and disadvantages. This will allow the students to understand and explore the different types of diet and decide, with the advice of a nutrionist and a doctor, which fits them best. They should also be encouraged to be more creative and healthier by using alternatives such as cauliflower or potato for rice and zucchini for pasta.

The seminar also provided novel ideas for the layout and design of the Smartworks! Lab and the procurement of its facilities.



Photos and Sharing by :

T. Rosette Magpayo