Summer On-The-Journey Training 2015

The Summer On-the-Journey Training 2015 for the entire month of May was a time of refreshing the skills and knowledge of the students. At the same time,  it was a chance for students to engage in their passion and enjoy alternative summer activities through sports, arts, and even walkabouts!  

The Summer OJT has created stories and bridged friendships throughout its duration. 

Fearless Mandarin taught the basics of the Chinese language for both new students and Meridian parents. Tandem storytelling of the “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein was shared in Mandarin.  At the end of their 4 Saturday meeting, they had a scrumptious dialogue over savory congee. 

​ photo

Arts and crafts were celebrated by the young and old. Teacher Roxanne and Teacher Melody had so much fun mixing stories, hands-on activities and even culinary experience all in the name of Arts. The kids had so much fun!  



The Grade 1 Summer Camp was also a huge success preparing our little ones for first grade. With Teachers Kate, Jill, Hannah, Melody Diño, Susanne and Aesa, our first graders are ready for bigger responsibilities. 


Teacher Yen had a melodious choir at the 5th floor of the Meridian building teaching students how to use their voices in expressing their hearts. Her piano lessons were also made fun because of the music they all created together.  

“Students not only learn and be musically enriched but they also gain new friends, enjoying each other’s company. Learning and Playing – life’s lessons.” – T. Yen Jainga

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Luke and Juleia Azucena, both loved volleyball. The excitement and perseverance are so high that you can really feel the passion in every training. Both of them embraced the hardship of training just  to improve their skill in volleyball. Some of the skills they are learning are (1) mastering footworks while doing the receive/dig pass (They both improved in ball control and defense form!), (2) learning how to set/toss the ball with controlled force, and are (3) mastering the technique in spiking and ball spin.


Sports Clinic coaches for the Summer OJT

It was indeed a fun and productive summer. See you all again next year and we are all looking forward to honing more skills and passion this school year!