Our Curriculum

Equipping the Student

The Meridian has woven a tapestry of five learning strands called the ODEEP Curriculum.


In this time of fluid global interaction, the Oriental strand enables the Meridian student to take pride in his Filipino- ness and establish his role as one of Asia’s future front liners. This includes learning the Mandarin language – today’s lingua franca – as an essential aid for him to contribute and flourish in the global arena.

By re-discovering his Filipino roots and embracing his Asian heritage, he rides the rising tide of Asian dominance in trade and technology in the 21st century.



arrowss5To the Meridian student, the world is his classroom. Today’s digital age compels to go beyond the four walls of the classroom and equip himself with tools such as the Internet. Being cyber-savvy allows him to be globally engaged, providing himself a network  of multi-cultural learning.



“What we learn with pleasure we never forget” – Louis Mercier

Learning must be fun and memorable. This significantly promotes a student’s intrinsic motivation to learn, making him a lifelong passionate learner.


“All things desirable to men are contained in the Bible.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Real education is one that ultimately transforms the heart. This is only brought about by Bible-based education.



“Perception of ideas, rather than the storing of them, should be the aim of education. The mind should be an eye to see with rather than a bin to store facts in.”
– A. W. Tozer

The Meridian believes that learning can and should be a practical experience applied in everyday life. Hands-on learning allows the student to explore new worlds, make discoveries, and produce meaningfully integrated ideas.